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Rcpp module bdtDt for binding of Boost Date_Time Date functionality


The bdtDt module is created using Rcpp modules and wraps a helper class bdtDt around Boost Date_time date functionality provided by the Boost class boost::gregorian::date.

New instances can be created using either the default constructor (without arguments) or the constructor using year, month, date arguments.

The bdt variable is a default instance of this bdtDt reference class. It facilities accessing the member functions via utility function, see for example getEndOfBizWeek or print(bdtDt) for the available methods.


Please consult the Boost documentation for (copious) details on the Date_Time library. See the Rcpp-modules vignette for details on Rcpp modules.



signature(x = "Rcpp_bdtDt"): prints a (bdtDt) date class object


signature(x = "Rcpp_bdtDt"): formats a (bdtDt) date class object


Dirk Eddelbuettel


Boost Date_Time:

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