bdtPt: Rcpp module bdtPt for binding of Boost Date_Time ptime...

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Rcpp module bdtPt for binding of Boost Date_Time ptime functionality


The bdtDu module is created using Rcpp modules and wraps a helper class bdtPt around Boost Date_time duration functionality provided by the Boost class boost::posix_time::ptime.

New instances can be created using either a default construction (creating an unset instance) or using seven integer values for year, month, day, hour, minute, seconds and fractional seconds. Fractional seconds ought to be at a nano-second granularity; there may be platforms not permitting this.


Please consult the Boost documentation for (copious) details on the Date_Time library. See the Rcpp-modules vignette for details on Rcpp modules.



signature(x = "Rcpp_bdtPt"): prints a (bdtPt) ptime class object


signature(x = "Rcpp_bdtPt"): formats a (bdtPt) ptime class object


Dirk Eddelbuettel


Boost Date_Time:

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