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Rcpp module bdtTz for binding of Boost Date_Time timezone functionality


The bdtTz module is created using Rcpp modules and wraps a helper class bdtTz around Boost Date_time timezone functionality provided mainly by the Boost classes boost::local_time::tz_database and boost::local_time::time_zone_ptr.

On startup, the database object is initialized using a local copy (in csv format) of the timezone data. Instances of the timezone object, represented by an instance of the timezone pointer class, can be created and queried.

New instances can be created using a valid timezone region string (such “Europe/London”).


Please consult the Boost documentation for (copious) details on the Date_Time library. See the Rcpp-modules vignette for details on Rcpp modules.



signature(x = "Rcpp_bdtTz"): prints a (bdtTz) timezone class object


signature(x = "Rcpp_bdtTz"): formats a (bdtTz) timezone class object


Dirk Eddelbuettel


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