likeParamNames: Likelihood parameter names

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Likelihood parameter names


Returns names of the likelihood parameters. This is a helper function and is not necessary for estimation. It is a nice to label some outputs in Rdistance with parameter names like "sigma" or "knee", depending on the likelihood, and this routine provides a way to do that.





A text string naming the form of the likelihood.


For user defined functions, ensure that the user defined start-limits function named <likelihood>.start.limits can be evaluated on a distance of 1, can accept 0 expansions, a low limit of 0 a high limit of 1, and that it returns the parameter names as the $names component of the result. That is, the code that returns user-defined parameter names is, fn <- paste0(like.form, ".start.limits")); ans <- fn(1, 0, 0, 1); ans$names


A vector of parameter names for that likelihood

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