Renext: Renewal Method for Extreme Values Extrapolation

Peaks Over Threshold (POT) or 'methode du renouvellement'. The distribution for the exceedances can be chosen, and heterogeneous data (including historical data or block data) can be used in a Maximum-Likelihood framework.

AuthorYves Deville <>, IRSN <>
Date of publication2016-07-04 20:29:04
MaintainerLise Bardet <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

anova.Renouv: Compute an analysis of deviance table for two nested Renouv...

barplotRenouv: Barplot for Renouv "Over Threshold" counts

Brest: Surge heights at Brest

Brest.years: Surge heights at Brest partial data

Brest.years.missing: Years with missing periods in 'Brest.year' dataset

CV2: Squared Coefficient of Variation

CV2.test: CV2 test of exponentiality

Dunkerque: Surge heights at Dunkerque

EM.mixexp: Expectation-Maximisation for a mixture of exponential...

expplot: Classical "exponential distribution" plot

fgamma: ML estimation of the Gamma distribution

fGEV.MAX: Fit a GEV distribution from block maxima or r largest order...

fGPD: Fit a two-parameters Generalised Pareto Distribution from a...

flomax: ML estimation of the Lomax distribution

fmaxlo: ML estimation of a 'maxlo' distribution

fweibull: ML estimation of classical Weibull distribution

Garonne: Flow of the french river La Garonne

gev2Ren: Translate a vector of GEV parameters into renewal model Goodness-of-fit for the distribution of dates

gofExp.test: Goodness-of-fit test for exponential distribution

GPD: Generalised Pareto Distribution

gumbel2Ren: Translate a vector of Gumbel parameters into a vector of...

Hpoints: Plotting positions for exponential return levels

iniMAX: Initial estimation of GPD parameters for an aggregated...

ini.mixexp2: Simple estimation for the mixture of two exponential...

interevt: Interevents (or interarrivals) from events dates

Jackson: Jackson's statistic

Jackson.test: Jackson's test of exponentiality

logLik.Renouv: Log-likelihood of a "Renouv" object

Lomax: Lomax distribution

LRExp: Likelihood Ratio statistic for exponential vs. GPD

LRExp.test: Likelihood Ratio test of exponentiality vs. GPD

LRGumbel: Likelihood Ratio statistic for Gumbel vs. GEV

LRGumbel.test: Likelihood Ratio test for the Gumbel distribution

Maxlo: 'maxlo' distribution

MixExp2: Mixture of two exponential distributions

mom2par: Parameters from moments

mom.mixexp2: Moment estimation for the mixture of two exponential...

NBlevy: Negative Binomial Levy process

OT2MAX: Temporal aggregation of a Marked Process

OTjitter: Add a small amount of noise to a numeric vector

parDeriv: Derivation of probability functions with respect to the...

pGreenwood1: Probability that the Greenwood's statistic is smaller than...

plot.Rendata: Plot a Rendata object

plot.Renouv: Plot an object of class "Renouv"

PPplot: Diagnostic plots for Renouv objects

predict.Renouv: Compute return levels and confidence limits for a "Renouv"...

qStat: Quantiles of a test statistic

readXML: Read data using an XML index file

Ren2gev: Translate a vector of coefficients from a Renewal-POT model...

Ren2gumbel: Translate a vector of coefficients from a Renewal-POT model...

Renext-package: Renewal Method for Extreme Values Extrapolation

Renouv: Fit a 'Renouvellement' model

RenouvNoEst: Define a 'renouvellement' model without estimation

RLlegend: Legend management for return level plots

RLpar: Graphical parameters for Return Level plots

RLplot: Return level plot

roundPred: Round quantiles in a pseudo-prediction table

rRendata: Simulate a random RenData object

SandT: Compute empirical survivals (S) and return periods (T)

skip2noskip: Fix non-skipped periods from skipped ones

SLTW: Shifted Left Truncated Weibull (SLTW) distribution

spacings: Methods computing spacings between Largest Order Statistics

summary.Rendata: Summary and print methods for "Rendata" objects

summary.Renouv: Summary and print methods for "Renouv" objects

translude: Make translucient colors

vcov.Renouv: Variance-covariance matrix of the estimates of a "Renouv"...

weibplot: Classical Weibull distribution plot


AIC.Renouv Man page
anova.Renouv Man page
barplotRenouv Man page
BIC.Renouv Man page
Brest Man page
Brest.years Man page
Brest.years.missing Man page
CV2 Man page
CV2.test Man page
dGPD Man page
dlomax Man page
dmaxlo Man page
dmixexp2 Man page
dSLTW Man page
Dunkerque Man page
EM.mixexp Man page
expplot Man page
fgamma Man page
fGEV.MAX Man page
fGPD Man page
flomax Man page
fmaxlo Man page
format.summary.Renouv Man page
fweibull Man page
Garonne Man page
gev2Ren Man page Man page
gofExp.test Man page
GPD Man page
gumbel2Ren Man page
hGPD Man page
HGPD Man page
hmixexp2 Man page
Hmixexp2 Man page
Hpoints Man page
ini.mixexp2 Man page
interevt Man page
Jackson Man page
Jackson.test Man page
lines.Renouv Man page
logLik.Renouv Man page
Lomax Man page
LRExp Man page
LRExp.test Man page
LRGumbel Man page
LRGumbel.test Man page
Maxlo Man page
MixExp2 Man page
mom2par Man page
mom.mixexp2 Man page
NBlevy Man page
nobs.Renouv Man page
OT2MAX Man page
OTjitter Man page
parDeriv Man page
parIni.MAX Man page
parIni.OTS Man page
pGPD Man page
pGreenwood1 Man page
plomax Man page
plot.Rendata Man page
plot.Renouv Man page
pmaxlo Man page
pmixexp2 Man page
PPplot Man page
PPplot.Renouv Man page
predict.Renouv Man page
print.Rendata Man page
print.Renouv Man page
print.summary.Rendata Man page
print.summary.Renouv Man page
pSLTW Man page
qGPD Man page
qlomax Man page
qmaxlo Man page
qmixexp2 Man page
QQplot Man page
QQplot.Renouv Man page
qSLTW Man page
qStat Man page
readXML Man page
Ren2gev Man page
Ren2gumbel Man page
Renext Man page
Renext-package Man page
Renouv Man page
RenouvNoEst Man page
rGPD Man page
RLlegend Man page
RLlegend.ini Man page Man page
rlomax Man page
RLpar Man page
RLplot Man page
rmaxlo Man page
rmixexp2 Man page
roundPred Man page
rRendata Man page
rSLTW Man page
SandT Man page
skip2noskip Man page
SLTW Man page
spacings Man page Man page
spacings.numeric Man page
spacings.Rendata Man page
summary.Rendata Man page
summary.Renouv Man page
translude Man page
vcov.Renouv Man page
weibplot Man page


Renext/R/mom2par.R Renext/R/fML.R Renext/R/gofExp.test.R Renext/R/Jackson.R Renext/R/cov2corr.R Renext/R/GPD.R Renext/R/makeFuns.R Renext/R/mixexp2.R Renext/R/flomax.R Renext/R/OT2MAX.R Renext/R/fmaxlo.R Renext/R/NBlevy.R Renext/R/miscutils.R Renext/R/plot.Renouv.R Renext/R/infoGEV.R Renext/R/randomRendata.R Renext/R/GreenwoodUtils.R Renext/R/CV2.R
Renext/R/predict.Renouv.R Renext/R/Hpoints.R Renext/R/expplot.R Renext/R/fGPD.R Renext/R/fGEV.MAX.R Renext/R/PPandQQ.R Renext/R/LR.R Renext/R/SandT.R Renext/R/spacings.R Renext/R/RLplot.R Renext/R/Renouv4.R Renext/R/RenouvNoEst.R Renext/R/readXML.R Renext/R/Ren2gumbel.R Renext/R/fit.mixexp2.R Renext/R/Ren2gev.R Renext/R/parDeriv.R Renext/R/weibplot.R Renext/R/fgamma.R Renext/R/anova.Renouv.R Renext/R/fweibull.R Renext/R/iniMAXOTS.R Renext/R/transexp.R Renext/R/Maxlo.R Renext/R/barplotRenouv.R Renext/R/interevt.R Renext/R/Rendata.R Renext/R/zzz.R Renext/R/RenouvMethods.R Renext/R/LomaxGpd.R Renext/R/
Renext/man/LRGumbel.test.Rd Renext/man/weibplot.Rd Renext/man/Renext-package.Rd Renext/man/plot.Rendata.Rd Renext/man/mom2par.Rd Renext/man/barplotRenouv.Rd Renext/man/RLpar.Rd Renext/man/OT2MAX.Rd Renext/man/readXML.Rd Renext/man/CV2.Rd Renext/man/ Renext/man/RenouvNoEst.Rd Renext/man/CV2.test.Rd Renext/man/ini.mixexp2.Rd Renext/man/Ren2gumbel.Rd Renext/man/plot.Renouv.Rd Renext/man/summary.Renouv.Rd Renext/man/LRExp.Rd Renext/man/SLTW.Rd Renext/man/MixExp2.Rd Renext/man/fgamma.Rd Renext/man/logLik.Renouv.Rd Renext/man/spacings.Rd Renext/man/NBlevy.Rd Renext/man/Jackson.Rd Renext/man/Maxlo.Rd Renext/man/fGPD.Rd Renext/man/translude.Rd Renext/man/gumbel2Ren.Rd Renext/man/SandT.Rd Renext/man/parDeriv.Rd Renext/man/OTjitter.Rd Renext/man/Garonne.Rd Renext/man/interevt.Rd Renext/man/predict.Renouv.Rd Renext/man/EM.mixexp.Rd Renext/man/gev2Ren.Rd Renext/man/gofExp.test.Rd Renext/man/pGreenwood1.Rd Renext/man/PPplot.Rd Renext/man/expplot.Rd Renext/man/fweibull.Rd Renext/man/rRendata.Rd Renext/man/Brest.Rd Renext/man/flomax.Rd Renext/man/qStat.Rd Renext/man/fmaxlo.Rd Renext/man/fGEV.MAX.Rd Renext/man/skip2noskip.Rd Renext/man/RLlegend.Rd Renext/man/Renouv.Rd Renext/man/Brest.years.Rd Renext/man/Ren2gev.Rd Renext/man/Dunkerque.Rd Renext/man/roundPred.Rd Renext/man/iniMAX.Rd Renext/man/RLplot.Rd Renext/man/Brest.years.missing.Rd Renext/man/mom.mixexp2.Rd Renext/man/LRExp.test.Rd Renext/man/summary.Rendata.Rd Renext/man/LRGumbel.Rd Renext/man/anova.Renouv.Rd Renext/man/Lomax.Rd Renext/man/GPD.Rd Renext/man/vcov.Renouv.Rd Renext/man/Hpoints.Rd Renext/man/Jackson.test.Rd

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