Man pages for Renext
Renewal Method for Extreme Values Extrapolation

anova.RenouvCompute an analysis of deviance table for two nested Renouv...
barplotRenouvBarplot for Renouv "Over Threshold" counts
BrestSurge heights at Brest
Brest.yearsSurge heights at Brest partial data
Brest.years.missingYears with missing periods in 'Brest.year' dataset
CV2Squared Coefficient of Variation
CV2.testCV2 test of exponentiality
DunkerqueSurge heights at Dunkerque
EM.mixexpExpectation-Maximisation for a mixture of exponential...
expplotClassical "exponential distribution" plot
fgammaML estimation of the Gamma distribution
fGEV.MAXFit a GEV distribution from block maxima or r largest order...
fGPDFit a two-parameters Generalised Pareto Distribution from a...
flomaxML estimation of the Lomax distribution
fmaxloML estimation of a 'maxlo' distribution
fweibullML estimation of classical Weibull distribution
GaronneFlow of the french river La Garonne
gev2RenTranslate a vector of GEV parameters into renewal model
gof.dateGoodness-of-fit for the distribution of dates
gofExp.testGoodness-of-fit test for exponential distribution
GPDGeneralised Pareto Distribution
gumbel2RenTranslate a vector of Gumbel parameters into a vector of...
HpointsPlotting positions for exponential return levels
iniMAXInitial estimation of GPD parameters for an aggregated...
ini.mixexp2Simple estimation for the mixture of two exponential...
interevtInterevents (or interarrivals) from events dates
JacksonJackson's statistic
Jackson.testJackson's test of exponentiality
logLik.RenouvLog-likelihood of a "Renouv" object
LomaxLomax distribution
LRExpLikelihood Ratio statistic for exponential vs. GPD
LRExp.testLikelihood Ratio test of exponentiality vs. GPD
LRGumbelLikelihood Ratio statistic for Gumbel vs. GEV
LRGumbel.testLikelihood Ratio test for the Gumbel distribution
Maxlo'maxlo' distribution
MixExp2Mixture of two exponential distributions
mom2parParameters from moments
mom.mixexp2Moment estimation for the mixture of two exponential...
NBlevyNegative Binomial Levy process
OT2MAXTemporal aggregation of a Marked Process
OTjitterAdd a small amount of noise to a numeric vector
parDerivDerivation of probability functions with respect to the...
pGreenwood1Probability that the Greenwood's statistic is smaller than...
plot.RendataPlot a Rendata object
plot.RenouvPlot an object of class "Renouv"
PPplotDiagnostic plots for Renouv objects
predict.RenouvCompute return levels and confidence limits for a "Renouv"...
qStatQuantiles of a test statistic
readXMLRead data using an XML index file
Ren2gevTranslate a vector of coefficients from a Renewal-POT model...
Ren2gumbelTranslate a vector of coefficients from a Renewal-POT model...
Renext-packageRenewal Method for Extreme Values Extrapolation
RenouvFit a 'Renouvellement' model
RenouvNoEstDefine a 'renouvellement' model without estimation
RLlegendLegend management for return level plots
RLparGraphical parameters for Return Level plots
RLplotReturn level plot
roundPredRound quantiles in a pseudo-prediction table
rRendataSimulate a random RenData object
SandTCompute empirical survivals (S) and return periods (T)
skip2noskipFix non-skipped periods from skipped ones
SLTWShifted Left Truncated Weibull (SLTW) distribution
spacingsMethods computing spacings between Largest Order Statistics
summary.RendataSummary and print methods for "Rendata" objects
summary.RenouvSummary and print methods for "Renouv" objects
transludeMake translucient colors
vcov.RenouvVariance-covariance matrix of the estimates of a "Renouv"...
weibplotClassical Weibull distribution plot
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