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Computing Envelope Estimators

BerkeleyBerkeley Guidance Study Data
boot.envBootstrap for env
boot.genvBootstrap for genv
boot.henvBootstrap for henv
boot.logit.envBootstrap for logit.env
boot.penvBootstrap for penv
boot.pois.envBootstrap for pois.env
boot.senvBootstrap for senv
boot.stenvBootstrap for stenv
boot.sxenvBootstrap for sxenv
boot.xenvBootstrap for xenv
contrContraction matrix
cv.envCross validation for env
cv.genvCross validation for genv
cv.henvCross validation for henv
cv.logit.envCross validation for logit.env
cv.penvCross validation for penv
cv.pois.envCross validation for pois.env
cv.senvCross validation for senv
cv.stenvCross validation for stenv
cv.sxenvCross validation for sxenv
cv.xenvCross validation for xenv
d.stenvSelect the rank of beta
envFit the envelope model
envMUEstimate the envelope subspace
expanExpansion matrix
fiberpaperPulp and Paper Data
GEGaussian elimination
genvFit the groupwise envelope model
genvMUEstimate the groupwise envelope subspace
ginvGeneralized Inverse of a Matrix
henvFit the heteroscedastic envelope model
henvMUEstimate the heteroscedastic envelope subspace
horseshoecrabHorseshoe Crab Data
logit.envFit the envelope model in logistic regression
logit.envMUEstimate the envelope subspace in logistic regression
penvFit the partial envelope model
pois.envFit the envelope model in poisson regression
pois.envMUEstimate the envelope subspace in poisson regression
pred2.envEstimation or prediction for env
pred.envEstimation or prediction for env
pred.genvEstimation or prediction for genv
pred.henvEstimation or prediction for henv
pred.logit.envEstimation or prediction for logit.env
pred.penvEstimation or prediction for penv
pred.pois.envEstimation or prediction for pois.env
pred.senvEstimation or prediction for senv
pred.stenvEstimation or prediction for stenv
pred.sxenvEstimation or prediction for sxenv
pred.xenvEstimation or prediction for xenv
RenvlpComputing Envelope Estimators
salesSales staff Data
senvFit the scaled envelope model
senvMUEstimate the scaled envelope subspace
stenvFit the simultaneous envelope model
stenvMUEstimate the simultaneous envelope subspace
sxenvFit the scaled envelope model in the predictor space
sxenvMUEstimate the scaled envelope subspace in the predictor space
testcoef.envHypothesis test of the coefficients of the envelope model
testcoef.genvHypothesis test of the coefficients of the groupwise envelope...
testcoef.henvHypothesis test of the coefficients of the heteroscedastic...
testcoef.logit.envHypothesis test of the coefficients of the envelope model
testcoef.penvHypothesis test of the coefficients of the partial envelope...
testcoef.pois.envHypothesis test of the coefficients of the envelope model
testcoef.senvHypothesis test of the coefficients of the scaled envelope...
testcoef.stenvHypothesis test of the coefficients of the simultaneous...
testcoef.sxenvHypothesis test of the coefficients of the scaled envelope...
testcoef.xenvHypothesis test of the coefficients of the envelope model
u.envSelect the dimension of env
u.genvSelect the dimension of genv
u.henvSelect the dimension of henv
u.logit.envSelect the dimension of logit.env
u.penvSelect the dimension of penv
u.pois.envSelect the dimension of pois.env
u.pred2.envSelect the dimension of the constructed partial envelope for...
u.senvSelect the dimension of senv
u.stenvSelect the dimension of stenv
u.sxenvSelect the dimension of sxenv
u.xenvSelect the dimension of xenv
waterstriderWater strider data
weighted.envWeighted envelope estimator
weighted.penvWeighted partial envelope estimator
weighted.pred.envEstimation or prediction using weighted partial envelope
weighted.xenvWeighted predictor envelope estimator
wheatproteinWheat Protein Data
xenvFit the envelope model in the predictor space
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