Defines functions MovingAverage

Documented in MovingAverage

#' Function to calculate Moving Average of a series
#' @description  function to calculate Moving Average of a series
#' @param y a numeric vector, with respiratory data for a regularly spaced time series.
#' @param W a Positive integer, the windows of Moving Average.
#' @return A new numeric vector after calculate the moving average.
#' @examples data("TestData")
#' W <- 50
#' y <- MovingAverage(Data[,2],W)

  if (W != round(W)|W<0)  stop( "'W' must be a positive integer")
  N <- length(y)
  index <- floor(W/2)
  shuchu <- vector(length=N)
  for (i in 1:index){
    shuchu[i] <- mean(y[1:i])
  for (i in (index+1):(N-index)){
    shuchu[i] <- mean(y[(i-index):(i+index)])
  for(i in (N-index+1):N){
    shuchu[i] <- mean(y[i:N])

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