Rolfsen.table: Knots (up to 10 crossings) three dimensional coordinates,...

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This data set contains the three dimensional coordinates of any knot with a number o crossing less or equal to 10. The knots are labeled according to the Rolfsen's table of knots (see references).

The knot minimal sticks representation for each knot is provided in the data set




A list of 250 matrices (N x 3)


A single knot entry can be accessed by indexing the list with the corresponding knot name.

names(Rolfsen.table) returns the available knot names. For example, the minimal stickies representation of the trefoil knot can be accessed by$"3.1".


The Knot Server,

The COLAB SFU website,

The Rolfsen Knot Table on Knot Atlas,

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