Rlab-internal: Rlab internal and secondary functions and datasets

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Listed below are the internal and secondary functions and datasets in Rlab.


cat.to.list describe describe2 means.2way message2 mfit.2way mklevel nplot random.walk read.data set.panel simulate.reg simulate.samples simulate.sums write.data

ex airplane.ex bplot.ex capac.ex cavendish.ex climate.ex college.ex count.ex data.frame.ex gam.ex global.temp.ex lines.ex lm.ex lplot.ex magnet.ex means.ex michelson.ex mplot.ex ncsu.ex ozone.sw.ex plot.ex points.ex popcorn.ex predict.new.ex qunif.ex raleigh.temp.ex read.table.ex scan.ex slab.ex stats.ex title.ex unif.ex viscosity.ex weib.ex

bplot.obj bplot.old describe.bplot draw.bplot draw.bplot.obj stats.bplot

dtri ptri qtri


These are not intended for use by end users.

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