Man pages for Rlab
Functions and Datasets Required for ST370 class

actuatorActuator force experiment
airplaneDistances flown by paper airplanes in an experiment with four...
alkaAlka-Seltzer dissoloving times
BernoulliThe Bernoulli Distribution
bplot.xyBoxplots for conditional distribution
breadBread rising experiment
bread2Bread rising experiment
cancerCigarette smoking and mortality
capacCapacitance of different shaped capacitors.
cavendishCavendish's 1798 determinations of the density of the earth
climateClimate and geographical data for 50 of the largest US...
collegeStatistics on colleges in 15 states.
countCounts elements which meet specified conditions
draft1970 Vietnam draft lottery summary
drillDrill testing results
earthqEarthquake data
etruscanSkull widths for ancient Etruscans and modern Italians
ExponentialThe Exponential Distribution
framerateVideo card frame rates
ftpFile transfer times
ftptimeForty FTP times
GammaThe Gamma Distribution
golfGolf performance data
hplotHistogram allowing forced number of bins
insulateEffects of house insulation
jetJet (actuator) force experiment
kurt4th moment kurtosis ratio
lplotLabel plot
ls.rlabList of objects in Rlab
magnetMagnetic force of an electomagnet as a function of voltage...
marathonWinning times from New York City marathon
meansComputes one-way and two-way means tables
metalcutMetal cutting performance
mfitComputes main and interaction fitted effects
michelsonResults from Michelson's determination of the velocity of...
monarchPost coronation lifespan
mplotPlots factor means
ncsuNumber of degrees granted at ncsu by year.
oilSynthetic versus Conventional Oil
ozoneMonthly mean concentrations of ozone.
pingInternet ping times
popcornA 2x4 experiment to evaluate popcorn preparation.
precipAverage monthly rainfall
quakeEarthquake strengths and locations
raleigh.snowAnnual snowfall in Raleigh, NC
raleigh.tempAverage monthly temperatures, 1949-1988.
randomdataRandom data used in Lab 6
RlabRlab - functions and datasets for ST370 at North Carolina...
Rlab-internalRlab internal and secondary functions and datasets
saltThe effect of salt on ice melting
skew3rd moment skewness ratio
solarSolar cell's output voltage
SpGravitySpecific gravity measurements
statsCalculate summary statistics
stats2Calculate summary statistics
USPlot of the US with state boundaries
us.ageAmerican age data
US.datOutline of coterminous US and states.
us.popAmerican population data
viewView first rows of a data set
viscosityResults from students experiments using water, oil and...
vocabChildren's vocabulary by age
webhostComparison of four different web hosts
WeibullThe Weibull Distribution
wireWire resistance experiment
worldPlot of the world
world.datOutline of world map.
xlineDraw a vertical line
yarnYarn tensile strength experiment
yarnredYarn tensile strength experiment - averaged measurements
ylineDraw horizontal lines
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