webhost: Comparison of four different web hosts

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The data set webhost contains the results of a compariosn of

different webhosts. A student team decided to compare four free hosting

services in the spring of 2000: go.com, angelfire.com, geocities.com,

and xoom.com. They uploaded four pages:

* one with text only (100k),

* one with text only (100k) and one 20k jpeg image

* one with text only (100k) and two 20k jpeg images

* one with text only (100k) and three 20k jpeg images

The last page wouldn't load for xoom; so they had 15 data points with load

times for the response variable and the number of graphic images for a

quantitative independent variable.


A data frame with 15 observations on the following 3 variables.


: number of 29k jpeg images on uploaded page


: time to up load page (in seconds)


: web host (angelfire, geocities, go or xoom)

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