viscosity: Results from students experiments using water, oil and...

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The viscosity data frame was the result of the following ST370 experiment performed in the fall of 1996. The students' description is as follows.

For this experiment we used three different liquids: water, cooking oil and shampoo. First we placed a cup of shampoo in a microwave oven, and heated it for 50 seconds. Immediately after that we transfered the liquid to a dishwasher container. We turned this container upside down with the spout closed and poked a hole on the bottom part of it. Then we placed a half cup measuring container beneath the dishwasher container. Then we opened the spout of the dishwashing container, and measured the time it took for liquid to come out and fill the half cup container. We repeated the same procedure with each liquid three times. Then we placed the liquids at room temperature in the container and repeated the above prcedure three times as well. Then we placed each liquid in the freezer 10 minutes at a time and repeated the prior procedure three times.


A data frame with 26 observations on the following 3 variables.


: liquid used (shampoo, oil or water)


: temperature (hot or cold)


: time (in seconds)

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