Man pages for RoBMA
Robust Bayesian Meta-Analyses

Anderson201027 experimental studies from from...
check_setupPrints summary of '"RoBMA"' ensemble implied by the specified...
diagnosticsChecks a fitted RoBMA object
is.RoBMAReports whether x is a RoBMA object
plot.RoBMAPlots a fitted RoBMA object
plot.RoBMA.priorPlots a RoBMA.prior object
print.RoBMAPrints a fitted RoBMA object
print.RoBMA.priorPrints a RoBMA.prior object
print.summary.RoBMAPrints summary object for RoBMA method
priorCreates a RoBMA prior
RoBMAEstimate a Robust Bayesian Meta-Analysis
RoBMA-packageRoBMA: Robust Bayesian Meta-Analyses
summary.RoBMASummarize fitted RoBMA object
update.RoBMAUpdates a fitted RoBMA object
weightedtWeighted t distribution
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