Man pages for SEERaBomb
SEER and Atomic Bomb Survivor Data Analysis Tools

canc2pyConverts canc made by mkSEER into a data.frame with py at...
csdCancer risk vs years Since Diagnosis of other cancer
esdEvent vs years Since Diagnosis
fillPYMFills age-year person year (PY) matrix
getBinInfoGets the lower and upper limit and index of a tsd bin
getDFConverts a seerSet$L series to a data.frame
getEGet expected numbers of cases
getFieldsGet fields from SEER SAS file
getPYGet tsd interval PY
incidAbombComputes A-bomb incidences
incidSEERComputes SEER incidences
mapCancsMap ICD9 and ICD-O3 codes to cancers
mapCODsMap CODs to strings
mapRegsMap registry codes to acronyms
mapTrtsMap treatment codes to factor
mk2DMake 2D-spline fits of incidences
mkAbombMake Abomb Binaries
mkDemographicsMake Demographics Tables
mkDFConverts seerSet$L series to a data.frame
mkExcelCsdMake RR Excel file from csd output
mkExcelTsdMake RR Excel file from tsd function output
mkLTMake Life Tables
mkMrtMake mortality binaries
mkMrtLocalMake mortality binaries from local HMD data files
mkSEERMake R binaries of SEER data.
mkSEERoldMake SEER binaries as before
msdMortality vs years Since Diagnosis
nvsrNational Vital Statistic Report (nvsr) Data
nvsr01National Vital Statistic Report (nvsr01) Data
p2sPrimary to Secondary
pickFieldsPick SEER fields of interest
plot2DPlot 2D cancer incidence splines
post1PYOGet person-years at risk and observed cases after first...
post1PYOcGet person-years at risk and observed cases after first...
post1PYOmGet person-years at risk and observed deaths after cancer
print.seerSet.summaryPrints seerSet.summary objects
riskVsAgeSecond cancer risk vs attained age after first cancer
SEERaBomb-packageSEER and A-Bomb Data Analysis Tools
seerSetJoin SEER cancers and PY
seerStatsSummarize SEER data.
SigurdsonChromosome translocation versus age data
simSeerSetSimulate SEER cancers and population person years
simSurvSimulate Survival Times
stdUSThe standard population of the US in 2000
summary.seerSetSummary of seerSet object
tsdCompute RR vs tsd
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