Man pages for SEMID
Identifiability of Linear Structural Equation Models

ancestorsAll ancestors of a collection of nodes
ancestralIDDetermines which edges in a mixed graph are...
ancestralIdentifyStepPerform one iteration of ancestral identification.
createAncestralIdentifierCreate an ancestral identification function.
createEdgewiseIdentifierCreate an edgewise identification function
createHalfTrekFlowGraphHelper function to create a flow graph.
createHtcIdentifierCreate an htc identification function.
createHtrGraphHelper function to create a graph encoding htr relationships.
createIdentifierBaseCaseCreate an identifier base case
createSimpleBiDirIdentifierIdentify bidirected edges if all directed edges are...
createTrekFlowGraphHelper function to create a flow graph.
createTrekSeparationIdentifierCreate an trek separation identification function
createTrGraphHelper function to create a graph encoding trek reachable...
descendantsGet descendants of a node
edgewiseIDDetermines which edges in a mixed graph are...
edgewiseIdentifyStepPerform one iteration of edgewise identification.
edgewiseTSIDDetermines which edges in a mixed graph are edgewiseID+TS...
flowBetweenFlow from one set of nodes to another.
FlowGraphConstruct FlowGraph object
generalGenericIDA general generic identification algorithm template.
getAncestorsGet getAncestors of nodes in a graph.
getDescendantsGet descendants of nodes in a graph.
getHalfTrekSystemDetermines if a half-trek system exists in the mixed graph.
getMaxFlowSize of largest HT system Y satisfying the HTC for a node v...
getMixedCompForNodeGet the mixed component of a node in a mixed subgraph.
getParentsGet getParents of nodes in a graph.
getSiblingsGet getSiblings of nodes in a graph.
getTrekSystemDetermines if a trek system exists in the mixed graph.
graphIDIdentifiability of linear structural equation models.
graphID.ancestralIDDetermine generic identifiability of an acyclic mixed graph...
graphID.decomposeDetermine generic identifiability by Tian Decomposition and...
graphID.genericIDDetermine generic identifiability of a mixed graph.
graphID.globalIDCheck for global identifiability of a mixed graph.
graphID.htcIDDetermines if a mixed graph is HTC-identifiable.
graphID.mainHelper function to handle a graph component.
graphID.nonHtcIDCheck for generic infinite-to-one via the half-trek...
htcIDDetermines which edges in a mixed graph are HTC-identifiable.
htcIdentifyStepPerform one iteration of HTC identification.
htrGet all HTR nodes from a set of nodes in a graph.
htrFromHalf trek reachable nodes.
inducedSubgraphGet the induced subgraph on a collection of nodes
isSiblingAre two nodes siblings?
LGet adjacency matrix for directed part.
MixedGraphConstruct MixedGraph object
MixedGraphFixedOrderConstruct MixedGraphFixedOrder object
mixedGraphHasSimpleNumberingChecks a MixedGraph has appropriate node numbering
nodesGet all nodes in the graph.
numNodesNumber of nodes in the graph.
OGet adjacency matrix for bidirected part.
parentsAll parents a collection of nodes.
plotPlots the mixed graph
plotMixedGraphPlot a mixed graph
print.GenericIDResultPrints a GenericIDResult object
print.SEMIDResultPrints a SEMIDResult object
semIDIdentifiability of linear structural equation models.
SEMID-packageSEMID package documentation.
siblingsAll siblings of a collection of nodes
stronglyConnectedComponentStrongly connected component
stronglyConnectedComponentsStrongly connected components
subsetsOfSizeReturns all subsets of a certain size
tianComponentReturns the Tian c-component of a node
tianDecomposePerforms the tian decomposition on the mixed graph
tianIdentifierIdentifies components in a tian decomposition
tianSigmaForComponentGlobally identify the covariance matrix of a C-component
toExTransforms a vector of node indices in the internal rep. into...
toInTransforms a vector of given node indices into their internal...
trekSeparationIdentifyStepPerform one iteration of trek separation identification.
trFromTrek reachable nodes.
updateEdgeCapacitiesUpdate edge capacities.
updateVertexCapacitiesUpdate vertex capacities.
validateMatricesA helper function to validate input matrices.
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