graphID.decompose: Determine generic identifiability by Tian Decomposition and...

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Split a graph into mixed Tian components and solve each separately using the HTC.


graphID.decompose(L, O, decomp.if.acyclic = TRUE, test.globalID = TRUE,
  test.genericID = TRUE, test.nonID = TRUE)



Adjacency matrix for the directed part of the path diagram/mixed graph; an edge pointing from i to j is encoded as L[i,j]=1 and the lack of an edge between i and j is encoded as L[i,j]=0. There should be no directed self loops, i.e. no i such that L[i,i]=1.


Adjacency matrix for the bidirected part of the path diagram/mixed graph. Edges are encoded as for the L parameter. Again there should be no self loops. Also this matrix will be coerced to be symmetric so it is only necessary to specify an edge once, i.e. if O[i,j]=1 you may, but are not required to, also have O[j,i]=1.


A logical value indicating whether an input graph that is acyclic is to be decomposed before applying identifiability criteria.


A logical value indicating whether or not global identifiability is checked.


A logical value indicating whether or not a sufficient condition for generic identifiability is checked.


A logical value indicating whether or not a condition implying generic non-identifiability is checked.


A list with two named components:

1. Components - a list of lists. Each list represents one mixed Tian component of the graph. Each list contains named components corresponding to which nodes are in the component and results of various tests of identifiability on the component (see the parameter descriptions).

2. Decomp - true if a decomposition occured, false if not.

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