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Uses the edgewise identification criterion of Weihs, Robeva, Robinson, et al. (2017) to determine which edges in a mixed graph are generically identifiable.


edgewiseID(mixedGraph, tianDecompose = T, subsetSizeControl = 3)



a MixedGraph object representing the L-SEM.


TRUE or FALSE determining whether or not the Tian decomposition should be used before running the current generic identification algorithm. In general letting this be TRUE will make the algorithm faster and more powerful.


a positive integer (Inf allowed) which controls the size of edgesets searched in the edgewiseID algorithm. Suppose, for example, this has value 3. Then if a node i has n parents, this will restrict the algorithm to only look at subsets of the parents of size 1,2,3 and n-2, n-1, n. Making this parameter smaller means the algorithm will be faster but less exhaustive (and hence less powerful).


see the return of generalGenericID.

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