laymanMetrics: Calculates the 6 Layman metrics on a vector of x and y data

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This function takes two x and y vectors, and calculates the corresponding 6 Layman metrics based on these points. Note that for generality, the original metrics of dC_range and dN_range have been renamed dX_range and dY_range respectively. These modified names represent the x and y axes in terms of the order in which the data have been entered, and relate typically to how one plots the data. These x and y vectors could represent the means of the group members comprising a community as is preffered under the SIBER model framework. However, one could use them to calculate the point estimates of the 6 Layman metrics for an entire group of data. In fact, you are free to pass this function any set of x and y data you wish.





a vector of locations in the x-axis direction.


a vector of locations in the y-axis direction.


A vector of the 6 Layman metrics of dX_range, dY_range, TA, CD, MNND and SDNND


x <- stats::runif(10)
y <- stats::runif(10)
laymanMetrics(x, y)

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