plotCommunityHulls: Adds convex hulls to each community to an existing plot

Description Usage Arguments Value


This function loops over each community and plots the convex hull based on the centres of each of the groups that make up the community. See the demonstration scripts for example implementation.


plotCommunityHulls(siber, plot.args = list(col = 1, lty = 2),
  iso.order = c(1, 2), ...)



a siber object as created by createSiberObject.R


a list of plotting arguments with the following suggested, but non-exhaustive inputs. Additional plotting arguments for passing to the internal call to plot can either be specified here, or as additional arguments under the ... method.

  • colthe color of the lines of the convex hull. See lines for more details.

  • ltythe line type of the convex hull.See lines for more details.

  • lwdthe line width of the convex hulls. See lines for more details.


a vector of length 2, either c(1,2) or c(2,1). The order determines which of the columns of raw data are plotted on the x (1) or y (2) axis. N.B. this will be deprecated in a future release, and plotting order will be acheived at point of data-entry.


additional arguments for passing to plot.


Convex hulls, drawn as lines on an existing figure.

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