plotGroupHulls: Plots illustrative convex hulls for each group within all...

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This function loops over each community and group within, and plots a convex hull around the data. N.B. use of convex hulls to compare isotopic niche width among groups within or between communities is not recommended owing to strong sample size bias. Use of ellipse area is recommended instead. This feature is provided for illustrative purposes only, and because some people have expressed a desire for this feature for figure generation. See demonstration scipts for more examples.


plotGroupHulls(siber, plot.args = NULL, iso.order = c(1, 2), ...)



a siber object as created by createSiberObject


a list of plotting arguments for passing to lines. See lines for details of the options. See also the demonstration scripts for examples of use.


a vector of length 2, either c(1,2) or c(2,1). The order determines which of the columns of raw data are plotted on the x (1) or y (2) axis. N.B. this will be deprecated in a future release, and plotting order will be acheived at point of data-entry.


additional arguments to be passed to addEllipse.


A series of convex hulls added to an existing plot.

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