Man pages for SNPknock
Knockoffs for Hidden Markov Models and Genomic Data

assemble_pEmitCompute the genotype emission distributions based on the...
assemble_pInitCompute the genotype initial distributions based on the...
assemble_QCompute the genotype transition matrices based on the...
compute_Q1Compute the haplotype transition matrices based on the...
knockoffDMC_wrapperWrapper for DMC knockoffs
knockoffHMM_wrapperWrapper for HMM knockoffs
loadEMParametersRead the files produced by fastPhase
rand_weightedRandom sampling from discrete distribution
SNPknock.fp.loadFitLoad the parameter estimates obtained by fastPhase and...
SNPknock.fp.runFastPhaseCalls fastPhase to fit an HMM to genotype data.
SNPknock.fp.writeXConvert a genetic matrix X into the fastPhase input format.
SNPknock.knockoffDMCSample knockoff copies of a discrete Markov chain.
SNPknock.knockoffHMMSample knockoff copies of a hidden Markov model.
SNPknock.models.sampleDMCSample discrete Markov chains.
SNPknock.models.sampleHMMSample hidden Markov models.
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