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Stochastic Ordering Using Permutations (and Pairwise Comparisons)

BHSMultiplicity adjustment by Bonferroni-Holm-Shaffer's rule
DesMDesign Matrix For Pairwise Differences
dummyzeFrom Factor To Dummy Variables
FWEminPFWE Adjustment Using Permutation
initialize-methodsMethods for function 'initialize' in package 'SOUP':...
iterNPCIterated NonParametric Combination
makePermSpaceIDConstructs Row Indices Permutation Space
makePValueMatConstruct Univariate _p_-Values Matrix
NPCNonParametric Combination of Test Statistic
orthoXResidualises the response variables _w.r.t._ the matrix of...
PermSpace-classClass 'PermSpace'
print-methods'signature(x = "PermSpace")' It prints the whole object on...
PValueMat-classClass 'PValueMat'
rankingRulePerforms the ranking
RankResults-classRanking Results
RankResults-methodMethods for function 'as.list' in package 'SOUP'
show-methods'signature(object = "PermSpace")' Shows only the main...
SOUPSOUP Main Function
SoupObject-classClass 'SoupObject'
t2pFrom Test Statistics To _p_-Values
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