Man pages for SemNeT
Methods and Measures for Semantic Network Analysis

animals.freqFrequency of Animal Responses
ASPLAverage Shortest Path Length
bootSemNeTBootstrapped Semantic Network Analysis
CCClustering Coefficient
CNCommunity Network Estimation
compare_netsPlots Networks for Comparison
convert2cytoscapeConvert Adjacency Matrix to Cytoscape Format
convert2igraphConvert Network(s) to igraph's Format
equateEquate Groups
finalizeFinalize Response Matrix
net.highHigh Openness to Experience Network
net.lowLow Openness to Experience Network
NRWNaive Random Walk Network Estimation
one.resultSimulated Result for Dataset One
open.binaryBinary response Matrices (Openness and Verbal Fluency)
open.cleanCleaned response Matrices (Openness and Verbal Fluency)
open.groupGroups for Openness and Verbal Fluency
PFPathfinder Network
plot.animateShinyAnimate Networks for Spreading Activation from Shiny
plot.bootSemNeTPlot for bootSemNeT
plot.compareShinyPlots Networks for Comparison from Shiny
randnet.testTest Against Random Networks
randwalkRandom Walk Simulation
response.analysisResponse Analysis
semnetmeasSemantic Network Measures
SemNeTShinyShiny App for 'SemNeT'
sim.fluencySimulates a verbal fluency binary response matrix
similarityMeasures of Similarity
test.bootSemNeTStatistical tests for 'bootSemNeT'
TMFGTriangulated Maximally Filtered Graph
two.resultSimulated Result for Dataset One and Two
vignette.plotsPlots for Vignette
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