Man pages for SeqAlloc
Sequential Allocation for Prospective Experiments

bcdallocBiased Coin Design Allocation
caitallocSequential Allocation for CAIT Method
carallocSequential Allocation Using Covariate Adaptive Randomization
cguessEvaluate Optimal Guess
covimbalEvaluate covariate imbalance using R-squared.
MAICimbalMaximum Allocation Imbalance for Covariates
SeqAllocSequential Allocation for Prospective Experiments
SeqAlloc-packageSequential Allocation for Randomized Experiments
SeqAllocplotPlot the evaluation criteria for the designs
stratblockallocStratified permuted block allocation
summary95Find summary statistics
WAICimbalWeighted Average of Allocation Imbalance for Covariates
weight_xCalculate weight matrix from matrix of covariates
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