SetMethods: Functions for Set-Theoretic Multi-Method Research and Advanced QCA

This initiated as a package companion to the book by C. Q. Schneider and C. Wagemann "Set-Theoretic Methods for the Social Sciences", Cambridge University Press. It grew to include functions for performing set-theoretic multi-method research, QCA for clustered data, theory evaluation, and Enhanced Standard Analysis. Additionally it includes data to replicate the examples in the book and in the online appendix.

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AuthorJuraj Medzihorsky [aut], Ioana-Elena Oana [aut, cre], Mario Quaranta [aut], Carsten Q. Schneider [aut]
Date of publication2017-03-17 19:08:26 UTC
MaintainerIoana-Elena Oana <>

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Man pages List individually irrelevant cases.

cases.suf.dcn: List cases deviant with regards to consistency for...

cases.suf.dcv: List cases deviant with regards to coverage for sufficiency.

cases.suf.iir: List individually irrelevant cases for sufficiency.

cases.suf.typ: List cases typical with regards to sufficiency.

cases.suf.typ.most: Lists most typical cases with regards to sufficiency.

cases.suf.typ.unique: Lists uniquely typical cases with regards to sufficiency.

cases.theory.evaluation: Names of cases in the intersections between theory and the...

cluster.diagnostics: Diagnostic tool for clustered data.

cluster.eqmcc: Diagnostic tool for clustered data

CronBerg: Berg-Schlosser and Cronqvist (2005)

DTmv: Fake data for mvQCA

emme: Emmenegger (2011)

esa: Function that performs the Enhanced Standard Analysis.

FakeCS: Fake crisp-set data

FRSC: Freitag and Schlicht (2009)

indirectCalibration: Function performing the indirect calibration

KA: Koenig-Archibugi (2004)

LipsetCS: Lipset (1959), crisp-set

LipsetFS: Lipset (1959), fuzzy-set

LipsetRaw: Lipset (1959), raw data

matches.suf.dcviir: Match deviant coverage cases and individually irrelevant...

matches.suf.typdcn: Match typical cases and deviant consistency cases with...

matches.suf.typiir: Match typical cases and individually irrelevant cases for...

matches.suf.typtyp: Match typical cases for each conjunct in a sufficient term..

Pennings: Pennings (2003)

pimdata: Function to extract prime implicants table from object of...

pimplot: Prime implicants, truth table rows, and necessity plots.

print.casestheoryeval: Print a casestheoryeval Object

print.clusterdiagnostics: Print a clusterdiagnostics Object

print.clustereqmcc: Print a clustereqmcc Object

print.matchessuf: Print a matchessuf Object

QCAfit: Function calculating the parameters of fit

Samford: Samford (2010)

Schneider: Schneider et. al. (2010)

SchneiderLong: Schneider et. al. (2010)

Selbst: Selbst, practicing the truth table algorithm data

Selbst.disappear: Selbst, disappearing necessary condition data

SetMethods-package: Functions for Set-Theoretic Multi-Method Research and...

theory.evaluation: Membership of cases in the intersections between theory and... Parameters of fit for the intersections between theory and...

VisCS: Vis (2009), crisp set data

VisFS: Vis (2009), fuzzy set data

xy.plot: Function producing enhanced XY plots Function producing enhanced XY plots with Lattice

Functions Man page
cases.suf.dcn Man page
cases.suf.dcv Man page
cases.suf.iir Man page
cases.suf.typ Man page
cases.suf.typ.most Man page
cases.suf.typ.unique Man page
cases.theory.evaluation Man page
cluster.diagnostics Man page
cluster.eqmcc Man page
CronBerg Man page
DTmv Man page
emme Man page
esa Man page
FakeCS Man page
FRSC Man page
indirectCalibration Man page
KA Man page
LipsetCS Man page
LipsetFS Man page
LipsetRaw Man page
matches.suf.dcviir Man page
matches.suf.typdcn Man page
matches.suf.typiir Man page
matches.suf.typtyp Man page
Pennings Man page
pimdata Man page
pimplot Man page
print.casestheoryeval Man page
print.clusterdiagnostics Man page
print.clustereqmcc Man page
print.matchessuf Man page
QCAfit Man page
Samford Man page
Schneider Man page
SchneiderLong Man page
Selbst Man page
Selbst.disappear Man page
SetMethods Man page
SetMethods-package Man page
theory.evaluation Man page Man page
VisCS Man page
VisFS Man page
xy.plot Man page Man page


R/ R/matches.suf.typdcn.R R/matches.suf.typtyp.R R/xy.plot.R R/print.clusterdiagnostics.R R/pimdata.R R/matches.suf.dcviir.R R/QCAfit.R R/print.casestheoryeval.R R/print.clustereqmcc.R R/ R/cluster.diagnostics.R R/cases.suf.iir.R R/esa.R R/cases.suf.typ.R R/cases.suf.typ.most.R R/pimplot.R R/SetMethods-internal.R R/cases.suf.dcn.R R/cluster.eqmcc.R R/theory.evaluation.R R/print.matchessuf.R R/cases.suf.dcv.R R/cases.suf.typ.unique.R R/indirectCalibration.R R/matches.suf.typiir.R R/cases.theory.evaluation.R R/zzz.R R/
man/Selbst.disappear.Rd man/matches.suf.dcviir.Rd man/ man/pimdata.Rd man/indirectCalibration.Rd man/LipsetRaw.Rd man/cases.suf.iir.Rd man/print.clusterdiagnostics.Rd man/matches.suf.typdcn.Rd man/print.matchessuf.Rd man/SchneiderLong.Rd man/CronBerg.Rd man/cases.suf.typ.Rd man/matches.suf.typiir.Rd man/theory.evaluation.Rd man/cases.theory.evaluation.Rd man/DTmv.Rd man/QCAfit.Rd man/cases.suf.dcn.Rd man/Samford.Rd man/emme.Rd man/VisCS.Rd man/print.clustereqmcc.Rd man/Schneider.Rd man/cases.suf.typ.unique.Rd man/LipsetFS.Rd man/esa.Rd man/cluster.diagnostics.Rd man/pimplot.Rd man/LipsetCS.Rd man/FakeCS.Rd man/VisFS.Rd man/ man/print.casestheoryeval.Rd man/cases.suf.typ.most.Rd man/matches.suf.typtyp.Rd man/Pennings.Rd man/SetMethods-package.Rd man/FRSC.Rd man/ man/cases.suf.dcv.Rd man/cluster.eqmcc.Rd man/Selbst.Rd man/xy.plot.Rd man/KA.Rd

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