Man pages for SetMethods
Functions for Set-Theoretic Multi-Method Research and Advanced QCA

ambig.casesFunction for identifying cases with 0.5 fuzzy-set values.
BCMVBerg-Schlosser and Cronqvist (2005)
clusterDiagnostic tool for clustered data.
cluster.plotFunction for plotting pooled, between, and within...
EMMFEMMFnegger (2011)
esaFunction that performs the Enhanced Standard Analysis.
FakeCSFake crisp-set data
FakeMVFake data for mvQCA
FSRFreitag and Schlicht (2009)
indirectCalibrationFunction performing the indirect calibration
intersectExpIntersects two boolean expressions.
JOBFFake fuzzy-set job motivation data.
KAFKoenig-Archibugi (2004)
LIPCLipset (1959), crisp-set
LIPFLipset (1959), fuzzy-set
LIPRLipset (1959), raw data
LR.intersectFunction for identifying contradictory simplifying...
negateExpNegates a boolean expression.
PAYFPaykani et al. (2018)
PAYRPaykani et al. (2018)
PENFPennings (2003)
pimdataFunction to extract prime implicants table from object of...
pimplotPrime implicants, truth table rows, and necessity plots.
property.cubeFunction producing a 3D scatter plot.
QCAfitFunction calculating the parameters of fit
QCAradarFunction for displaying a radar chart.
rob.calibrangeFunction for identifying the calibration threshold ranges for...
rob.casesFunction for identifying cases in the intersections between...
rob.corefitFunction returning parameters of fit for the robust core of...
rob.fitFunction returning robustness parameters of fit.
rob.inclrangeFunction for identifying the raw consistency threshold range...
rob.ncutrangeFunction for identifying the frequency threshold range within...
rob.xyplotFunction for plotting an initial solution against the test...
SAMFSamford (2010)
SCSelbst, practicing the truth table algorithm data
SCHFSchneider et. al. (2010)
SCHLFSchneider et. al. (2010)
SDCSelbst, disappearing necessary condition data
SetMethods-packageFunctions for Set-Theoretic Multi-Method Research and...
skew.checkFunction for checking how skewed sets are.
smmrFunction for performing set-theoretic multi-method research.
stargazerSolFunction for exporting a sufficienct solution from minimize...
stargazerTTFunction for exporting a sufficienct solution from minimize...
STUFFake fuzzy-set student data.
STURFake raw, student data.
theory.evaluationPerforms theory evaluation.
THOFThomann (2015)
VISCVis (2009), crisp set data
VISFVis (2009), fuzzy set data
xy.plotFunction producing enhanced XY plots
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