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This initiated as a package companion to the book by C. Q. Schneider and C. Wagemann "Set-Theoretic Methods for the Social Sciences", Cambridge University Press. It has now grown to include functions for performing set-theoretic multi-method research (Schneider and Rohlfing 2013), QCA for clustered data (Garcia-Castro and Arino 2013), theory evaluation, and Enhanced Standard Analysis. Additionally it includes data to replicate the examples in the book and in the online appendix.


Package: SetMethods
Type: Package
Version: 2.1
Date: 2017-03-17
License: GPL-2

The package contains functions to perform set-theoretic multi-method research, theory evaluation, QCA for clustered data, Enhanced Standard Analyses, indirect calibration, calculate parameters of fit and produce XY plots. Furthermore, it contains all the data used in "Set-Theoretic Methods for the Social Sciences" and more.


Juraj Medzihorsky [aut], Ioana-Elena Oana [aut, cre], Carsten Q. Schneider [aut], Mario Quaranta [aut]

Maintainer: Ioana-Elena Oana <[email protected]>


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Garcia-Castro, A., Arino, M. A.. 2013. A General Approach to Panel Data Set-Theoretic Research. COMPASSS Working Paper 2013-76

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