Man pages for ShinyItemAnalysis
Test and Item Analysis via Shiny

AIBSAIBS grant peer review scoring dataset
CZmaturaCzech matura dataset
CZmaturaSCzech matura dataset - sample
dataMedicalDichotomous dataset of admission test to medical school
dataMedicalgradedGraded dataset of admission test to medical school
dataMedicalkeyKey of correct answers for dataset of admission test to...
dataMedicaltestDataset of admission test to medical school
DDplotPlot difficulties and discriminations/item validity
DistractorAnalysisDistractor analysis
fa_parallelConduct Parallel Analysis
gDiscrimCompute generalized item discrimination
ggWrightMapPlot Wright map using 'ggplot2'
HCIHomeostasis concept inventory dichotomous dataset
HCIdataHomeostasis concept inventory full dataset
HCIgradsHomeostasis concept inventory dataset of graduate students
HCIkeyKey of correct answers for homeostasis concept inventory...
HCIprepostHomeostasis concept inventory pretest and posttest scores
HCItestHomeostasis concept inventory multiple-choice dataset
HCItestretestHomeostasis concept inventory test-retest dataset
ICCrestrictedRange-restricted reliability with intra-class correlation
ItemAnalysisCompute traditional item analysis indices
LearningToLearnDichotomous dataset of learning to learn test
NIHNIH grant peer review scoring dataset
plotAdjacentPlot category probabilities of adjacent category logit model
plot_corrCompute and plot an item correlation matrix
plotCumulativePlot cumulative and category probabilities of cumulative...
plotDIFirtPlot item characteristic curve of DIF IRT model
plotDIFLogisticFunction for characteristic curve of 2PL logistic DIF model
plotDistractorAnalysisPlot item distractor analysis
plotMultinomialPlot category probabilities of multinomial model
recode_nrRecognize and recode not-reached responses
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
ShinyItemAnalysis-packageShinyItemAnalysis: Test and Item Analysis via shiny
startShinyItemAnalysisStart ShinyItemAnalysis application
theme_appComplete theme for 'ShinyItemAnalysis' graphics
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