dataMedicalkey: Key of correct answers for dataset of admission test to...

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The dataMedicalkey is a vector of factors representing correct answers of dataMedicaltest dataset.




A vector with 100 values representing correct answers to items of dataMedicaltest dataset. For more details see dataMedicaltest.


Cestmir Stuka
First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University

Martin Vejrazka
First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University

Patricia Martinkova
Institute of Computer Science of the Czech Academy of Sciences


Stuka, C., Vejrazka, M., Martinkova, P., Komenda, M., & Stepanek, L. (2016). The use of test and item analysis for improvement of tests. Workshop held at conference MEFANET, 2016, Brno, Czech Republic.

See Also

dataMedical, dataMedicaltest, dataMedicalgraded

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