dataMedicalgraded: Graded dataset of admission test to medical school

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The dataMedicalgraded dataset consists of the responses of 2,392 subjects (750 males, 1,633 females and 9 subjects without gender specification) to multiple-choice admission test to a medical school. It contains 100 items. Each item is graded with 0 to 4 points. Maximum of 4 points were set if all correct answers and none of incorrect answers were selected.




A dataMedicalgraded is a data.frame consisting of 2,392 observations on the following 102 variables.


The first 100 columns represent ordinal item scores of the test.


Variable describing gender; values "0" and "1" refer to males and females.


Criterion variable; value "1" means that student studies standardly, "0" otherwise (e.g., leaving or interrupting studies).


Cestmir Stuka
First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University

Martin Vejrazka
First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University

Patricia Martinkova
Institute of Computer Science of the Czech Academy of Sciences


Stuka, C., Vejrazka, M., Martinkova, P., Komenda, M., & Stepanek, L. (2016). The use of test and item analysis for improvement of tests. Workshop held at conference MEFANET, 2016, Brno, Czech Republic.

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