SimilarityMeasures: Trajectory Similarity Measures

Functions to run and assist four different similarity measures. The similarity measures included are: longest common subsequence (LCSS), Frechet distance, edit distance and dynamic time warping (DTW). Each of these similarity measures can be calculated from two n-dimensional trajectories, both in matrix form.

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AuthorKevin Toohey
Date of publication2015-02-06 06:19:21
MaintainerKevin Toohey <>

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AveTranslate Man page
DistanceCheck Man page
DistanceSq Man page
Dot Man page
DTW Man page
EditDist Man page
Frechet Man page
FrechetCheck Man page
LCSS Man page
LCSSCalc Man page
LCSSRatio Man page
LCSSRatioCalc Man page
LCSSTranslation Man page
SimilarityMeasures Man page
SimilarityMeasures-package Man page
SimLoop Man page
SinglePointCalc Man page
StartEndTranslate Man page
TrajCheck Man page
TranslationSubset Man page

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