Man pages for SimilarityMeasures
Trajectory Similarity Measures

AveTranslateCreate an Average Point Translation Vector
DistanceCheckCheck if Two Points Lie Within some Distance in All...
DistanceSqCalculate the Square Distance Between Two Points
DotCalculate the Dot Product Between Two Vectors
DTWRun the Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm on Two Trajectories
EditDistRun the Edit Distance Algorithm on Two Trajectories
FrechetRun the Frechet Calculation Algorithm on Two Trajectories
FrechetCheckChecks a Frechet Leash Distance
LCSSRun the LCSS Algorithm on Two Trajectories Allowing...
LCSSCalcRun the LCSS Algorithm on Two Trajectories Without...
LCSSRatioFind the LCSS Ratio using Two Trajectories Allowing...
LCSSRatioCalcFind the LCSS Ratio using Two Trajectories Without...
LCSSTranslationCreate a Translation Vector Using LCSS
SimilarityMeasures-packageImplements Several Similarity Measures and Useful Functions
SimLoopLoop Over and Test Trajectories With Different Translations
SinglePointCalcCalculate Frechet Distance With a Single Point Trajectory
StartEndTranslateTranslate a Trajectory Based on Start and End Points
TrajCheckChecking Two Trajectories are Matrices of N Dimensional...
TranslationSubsetCalculate the Subset of Translations for LCSS
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