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Sego Miscellaneous

allMissingIdentifies missing rows or columns in a data frame or matrix
as.numericSilentConvert any vector to numeric, if possible
comboListProduces all possible combinations of a set of linear model...
cumMaxComputes the maximum of the vector up to the current index
cumsumNAComputes the cummulative sum of a vector without propagating...
cusumCalculates a sequence of Cusum statistics
dataInA flexible way to import data into R.
df2listRow-wise conversion of a data frame to a list
dfplapplyParallelized single row processing of a data frame
dframeEquivExamines the equivalence of two dataframes or matrices
dkbinomProbability functions for the sum of k independent binomials
doCallParallelCall a function with a vectorized input in parallel
factor2characterConverts all factor variables in a dataframe to character...
factor2numericA simple function for converting factors to numeric values
findDepMatIdentify linearly dependent rows or columns in a matrix
formatDTConverts date or datetime strings into alternate formats
genericsGeneric for 'signal'
getExtensionGet the extension of a vector of filenames
getPathGet the path of a vector of filenames
grabLastGet the final set of characters after a single-character...
hardCodeFacilitate hard coding constants into R
hpdCalculate the highest posterior density credible interval for...
integSimple numerical integration routine
linearMapLinear mapping of a numeric vector or scalar
list2dfConvert a list to a data frame
loadObjectLoads and returns the object(s) in one or more ".Rdata" files
moreDisplay the contents of a text file to the R console
movAvg2Calculate the moving average using a 2-sided, symmetric...
openDeviceOpens a graphics device based on the filename extension
padZeroPad a vector of numbers with zeros
parLapplyWA wrapper for parLapply
parseJobParses a collection of elements into (almost) equal-sized...
pcbinomA continuous version of the binomial cdf
pddplyParallel wrapper for plyr::ddply
plapplySimple parallelization of lapply
plotFunPlot one or more functions on a single plot
PowerDataAn example of power data
pvarPrints the name and value of one or more objects
qbindQuickly row and column bind many objects together at once
rmaRemove all objects from the global environment
selectSelect rows or columns from data frames or matrices while...
selectElementsValidate selected elements from a character vector
sepListSeparate a list into distinct objects
smartFilterCalculate a moving dot product (or filter) over a numeric...
smartRbindMatRow bind matrices whose column names may not be the same
smartTimeAxisProduces a time axis with smart spacing
Smisc-packageSmisc: Sego Miscellaneous
sourceDirSources all files with '.R' or '.r' extensions in a directory
stopifnotMsgCheck multiple conditions and return coresponding error...
stripExtensionRemove the extension of a vector of filenames
stripPathRemove the path from a vector of filenames
timeDataGeneric data frame with a time variable
timeDiffSubtracts two time series by matching irregular time indexes
timeDiff.egFour short time series
timeIntegrationApproximate the integral of a vector of data over time
timeItTimes the execution of an expression
timeStampEmbeds the present datetime into a file name
umvueLNComputes UMVUEs of lognormal parameters
vertErrorBarDraw vertical error bar(s) on a plot
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