Man pages for Splinets
Functional Data Analysis using Splines and Orthogonal Spline Bases

constructConstruction of a 'Splinets' object
derivaDerivatives of splines
dintegraCalculating the definite integral of a spline.
evsplineEvaluating splines at given arguments.
exsuppCorrecting support sets and reshaping the matrix of...
gatherCombining two 'Splinets' objects
gramianGramian matrix, norms, and inner products of splines
integraIndefinite integrals of splines
is.splinetsDiagnostics of splines and their generic correction
is.splinets-methodsDiagnostics of splines
lincombLinear transformation of splines.
lines-Splinets-methodAdding graphs of splines to a plot
plot-Splinets-methodPlotting splines
projectProjecting into spline spaces
refineRefining splines through adding knots
rsplineRandom splines
seq2dyadOrganizing indices in a spline basis in the net form
splinetB-splines and their orthogonalization
Splinets-classThe class to represent a collection of splines
subsampleSubsampling from a set of splines
sym2oneSwitching between representations of the matrices of...
tireData on tire responses to a rough road profile
truckData on truck responses to a rough road profile
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