Man pages for StatCharrms
Statistical Analysis of Chemistry, Histopathology, and Reproduction Endpoints Including Repeated Measures and Multi-Generation Studies

addMultiSpec.stdAdd a data specification tab
addSpec.teAdd the specification widgets for time to event analysis
analyseTime2EffectMixed effect time to event analysis
autoStdAnylsisRun statistical tests according to OECD guidelines
basicAnovaPerform a standard one way ANOVA.
buildResultsWindowBuild the results window for the analysis of numerical...
buildResultsWindow.teDisplay the results from time to event analyses
checkTimeChecks the format the date is in
cleanStringCleans a string of illegal characters
date2NumericConvert a date into a number
dunnsTestPerform a Dunns test
eventTimeDataTime to event data
fecundityDataExample fecundity data
FindFormatFind the format the date is written in
forceStdAnalysisRun a chosen analysis
generateExamplesGenerate examples
getFileNameGets a file name
getLineContrastGenerate contrasts
jonckheereTerpstraTestPerform the Jonckheere-Terpstra trend test
lengthWeightDataExample length and weight data
leveneTestSCLevene test for homogeneity of variance
makeSummaryTableGenerate a summary table of a data set.
medianDataCalculate the data median
monotonicityTestA test for a monotonic trend
oneWayDunnettTestOne way Dunnett's test.
rankTransformRank transforms a response
ReadMeFileCalls the read me file
ReferenceDisplay the references for StatCharrms
responseTransformTransforms a response
runMultiGenRuns a mixed effects ANOVA
Run.StatCharrmsMain function call for StatCharrms
ShowChangeLogDisplay the change logs for StatCharms
StdEndMainGUI for Analysis of numerical endpoints
Time2EventMainGUI for time to event analysis
tranformTimeTransforms the time variable
transformationWarningGives warnings about a transformation
wilksTestPerforms the Shapiro-Wilks test.
williamsTestPerforms Williams Test
williamsTestLookUpTableLook up table for the critical values used in the Williams...
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