rotate: Spherical rotation around fixed axes

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Spherical rotation around fixed axes


Spherical rotation around given rotation axes


rotate(dec, inc, rdec, rinc, rmag)



declination of the data; it is the angle from the north taken on an horizontal plane. It is measured clockwise from North and ranges from 0 to 360° (Tauxe 2010).


inclination of the data; it is the angle from the horizontal, is positive downward, and ranges from +90° for straight down to -90° for straight up (Tauxe, 2010).


declination of the rotation axes (of length 1 or n).


inclination of the rotation axes (of length 1 or n).


magnitude of rotation (following the notation of the Stereonet software): a positive rotation is clockwise looking in the direction of the given declination and inclination; of length 1 or n).


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See Also

rmatrix, restore and reposition



inc <- seq(0,85,5)
dec <- rep(0,length(inc))


rdec <- rep(0, length(inc))
rinc <- rep(90, length(inc))

mag <- 90
rmag  <- seq(mag, 0, by = -mag/(length(inc)-1))

rot <- rotate(dec,inc,rdec,rinc,rmag)

earpoints(dec = round(rot$dec,digits = 2), inc = round(rot$inc,digits = 2),
          l = list(bg = "green"),
          u = list(bg = "blue"),
          h = list(bg = "yellow"))

earpoints(dec = 0, inc = 90, l = list(bg = "red"))

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