Man pages for StratigrapheR
Integrated Stratigraphy

as.limCreate / Check / Manipulate lim objects
bedtextWrites the names of the beds in a litholog
blackSetSets the plot environment to draw a long vertical data set
casingFinds values in a vector directly above and below a number
centresvgDraws a pointsvg object around a given point
changesvgChanges a pointsvg object
clipsvgClips a standardised pointsvg object into a given frame
convertConverts x values having an index into n values defined by...
convertAxisConverts the axis following a given formula
dipfixFix Dip
divisorGreatest Common Rational Divisor
earincRecalculates inclination in equal area projection
earnetDraws an equal area stereonet
earplanesDraws planes on an equal area stereonet
earpointsDraws points on an equal area stereonet
encaseEncases two numbers between multiples of a given number
encircleDraws circles
enlargeExpands the TRUE values of a T/F vector to their nth...
every_nthSuppresses every n th element of a vector
flip.limInverts the intervals
fmeanFischer mean
fmodUniversal remainder function
folderCreates a new folder where wanted if it does not exist yet
formFunctionConverts a formula into a function
framesvgDraws a standardised pointsvg object into a given frame
greySetSets the plot environment to draw a long vertical data set
homogeniseHomogenise a list
ignoreIgnores useless objects
incfixFix Inclination
infobarDraws rectangles with text in them
in.limFinds the intervals encompassing values
in.windowIrregular windowing
leftlogFinds bed intervals in a "litholog()"-like data frame
lithologCreates a litholog
mementoRemembers and outputs the result of a slow function
merge_listMethod for merging lists by name
mid.limProvides mid-points intervals in an ordered vector
minorAxisAdds an axis with minor ticks to a plot
minorAxisTicksCompute Pretty Minor Axis Tick Scales
multigonsDraws several polygons
multilinesDraws several lines
neatPickInteractive user modification of the arguments of a repeated...
neatPickedRuns neatPick without user input
nlegendNew legend element
nsetFind indexes for n identical elements
pdfDisplayGenerates PDF and SVG figures
pkgfindFind a specific pattern in the code of functions in a package
placesvgDraws a pointsvg object
planepointsDescribes planes by points
pointsvgConverts line, rect, polygon and polyline class SVG objects...
reboundSimplifies boundary indicators for lim objects
repitchConverts pitch into declination and inclination
repositionCore correction
restorePlane correction
rmatrixRotation matrix
rotateSpherical rotation around fixed axes
seq_logGives the repartition of values for a log 10 scale between a...
seq_multSequence ordered by multiple
shiftCircular shift
simp.limJoins and orders adjacent or overlapping lim objects of same...
sinpointGives a table of equally sampled points following a...
StratigrapheRStratigrapheR: integrated stratigraphy for R
StratigrapheR.examplesData for examples
strat.meanExtrapolate and intrapolate tie points
strat.repairRemove instantaneous deposits and add thickness in hiatuses
strat.varCompute the realtive thickness variations of sections
tie.limDiscretises lim objects
transphereConvertion between declinaison/inclination/intensity and...
weldCombines segments with "litholog()"-like data frame
weldlogChanges boundaries segments in basic lithologs
whiteSetSets the plot environment to draw a long data set
ylinkDraws connection lines to connect two points in y
zijderveldDraws a Zijderveld plot
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