Man pages for TANOVA
Time Course Analysis of Variance for Microarray

data.formConvert input data into appropriate format for TANOVA
design.matrixGenerate design matrix for two-way factorial analysis
fdr.tableTANOVA False Discovery Table
F.statCompute F-statistics for ANOVA model
F.stat.nullGeneration of null F-statistics by bootstrap method
group.ixThis is an internal function
ls.estimateLeast square estimation
NANOVA.testNon-parametric analysis of variance (NANOVA)
prior.sigmaCompute the prior of covariance matrix
proj.dataProjection of Raw Data
proj.dirprojection direction
sigma.hatEstimation of Covariance Matrix
sig.numberThe number of significant genes in the FDR table at specified...
tanovaClassification of genes by time course analysis of...
trigammainverseTrigamma Inverse Function
z.scoreZ Score
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