TestFunctions: Test Functions for Simulation Experiments and Evaluating Optimization and Emulation Algorithms

Test functions are often used to test computer code. They are used in optimization to test algorithms and in metamodeling to evaluate model predictions. This package provides test functions that can be used for any purpose. Some functions are taken from <https://www.sfu.ca/~ssurjano>, but their R code is not used.

AuthorCollin Erickson
Date of publication2016-09-27 00:42:33
MaintainerCollin Erickson <collinberickson@gmail.com>

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banana Man page
borehole Man page
branin Man page
currin1991 Man page
franke Man page
gaussian1 Man page
lim2002 Man page
nsin Man page
OTL_Circuit Man page
powsin Man page
RFF Man page
RFF_get Man page
sinumoid Man page
sqrtsin Man page
standard_test_func Man page
test_func_apply Man page
TF_banana Man page
TF_borehole Man page
TF_branin Man page
TF_currin1991 Man page
TF_franke Man page
TF_gaussian1 Man page
TF_lim2002 Man page
TF_OTL_Circuit Man page
TF_powsin Man page
TF_sinumoid Man page
TF_sqrtsin Man page
TF_zhou1998 Man page
vsin Man page
waterfall Man page
zhou1998 Man page

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