TipDatingBeast-package: Tip dating of phylogenetic trees with BEAST


Assist performing tip-dating of phylogenetic trees with BEAST. Main functions include randomization of dates among tips and producing new input files with such randomization and generating input files for leave-one-out analyses using BEAST software.


Package: TipDatingBeast
Type: Package
Version: 1.0.1
Date: 2016-04-12
License: GPL (>= 2)

The RandomDates function randomize tip dates. The RandomCluster function ramdomize tip dates between group of tips. The TaxaOut function generates input files for leave-one-analysis. The TaxonOut function generates a single input file by removing the date of a particular taxon. The ListTaxa function displays the names and order of the taxa in the xml file. The PlotDRT function plots BEAST output of ramdomize tip dates analysis. The PlotLOOCV function plots BEAST output of leave-one-analysis.


Rieux A & Khatchikian, C. Maintainer: C. Khatchikian <ckhatchikian@gmail.com>


Rieux A & Khatchikian, C. Unpublished. Drummond AJ, Suchard MA, Xie D & Rambaut A (2012) Bayesian phylogenetics with BEAUti and the BEAST 1.7. Molecular Biology And Evolution 29: 1969-1973.

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