Man pages for TraMineRextras
TraMineR Extension

convertConverting between graphical formats
createdatadiscreteTransform time to event data into a discrete data format
dissvar-grpDiscrepancy by group.
FCE_to_TSEData conversion from Fixed Column Event format to TSE.
group-pAdds proportion of occurrences to each level names
HSPELL_to_STSData conversion from Horizontal Spell to STS.
pamwardPAM from k-solution of hierarchical clustering
plot.dyninDynamic index plot
plot.emltEmlt Plots
plot.stslist.survPlot method for objects produced by the seqsurv function
polyadsPolyadic data example
rowmodeModal state of a variable
seqautoAuto-association between states
seqCompareBIC and Likelihood ratio test for comparing two sequence data
seqe2stmDefinition of an events to states matrix.
seqedistDistances between event sequences
seqedplotGraphical representation of a set of events sequences.
seqemltEuclidean Coordinates for Longitudinal Timelines
seqentransEvent sequence length and number of events
seqerulesdiscExtract association rules using discrete time regression...
seqgen.missingGenerate random missing states within a state sequence object
seqgranularityChanging sequence time granularity by aggregating positions
seqimplicPosition wise group-typical states
seqindic-dynDynamic index
seqplot-rfRelative Frequency Sequence Plots.
seqplot-tentropPlotting superposed transversal-entropy curves
seqpolyadsMeasuring the Degree of Within-Polyadic Similarities
seqrep-grpFinding representative sets by group and their quality...
seqsplotPlot survival curves of the states in sequences
seqstartAligning sequence data on a new start time.
seqsurvGenerate a survfit object for state survival times.
seqtabstoccFrequencies of state co-occurrence patterns
sortvSort sequences by states at the successive positions
toPersonPeriodConverting into person-period format.
TraMineRextras-packageTraMineR Extension
TSE_to_STSConverting TSE data into STS (state sequences) format.
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