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Plots static and dynamic state structure from the outcome of seqemlt. Two types of plot are proposed: The evolution in time of the correlation between states, and the projection of situations (time-indexed states) on their principal planes.


## S3 method for class 'emlt'
plot(x, from, to, delay=NULL, leg=TRUE, type="cor", cex=0.7, compx=1, compy=2, ...)



an object of class emlt as produced by seqemlt


character string: type of plot to be drawn. Possible types are "cor" for the evolution in time of the correlation between states, and "pca" for the projection of states/situations on their principal planes


vector of state labels: for type "cor", origin state(s) to be considered.


state label: for type "cor", destination state.


for type "cor", the delay (number of time periods) between "from" and "to" arguments. The correlation between state "from" at time t and "to" at t+delay. By default delay is 0.


integer: for type "pca" first component, axis x


integer: for type "pca" second component, axis y


logical: should the legend be included


numerical value: amount by which plotting text and symbols should be magnified relative to the default.


Arguments to be passed to methods, such as graphical parameters (see par)


The evolution of the correlation reveals the evolution of the emlt Euclidean distance between the situations (time-indexed states) along the timeframe.

The "pca" components are the principal components of the emlt numerical coordinates of the sequences, see seqemlt.


Patrick Rousset, Senior researcher at Cereq, with the help of Matthias Studer


Rousset, Patrick and Jean-François Giret (2007), Classifying Qualitative Time Series with SOM: The Typology of Career Paths in France, in F. Sandoval, A. Prieto and M. Grana (Eds) Computational and Ambient Intelligence, Lecture Notes in Computer science, vol 4507, Berlin: Springer, pp 757-764.

Rousset, Patrick, Jean-François Giret and Yvette Grelet (2012) Typologies De Parcours et Dynamique Longitudinale, Bulletin de méthodologie sociologique, 114(1), 5-34.

Rousset, Patrick and Jean-François Giret (2008) A longitudinal Analysis of Labour Market Data with SOM, in J. Rabuñal Dopico, J. Dorado, & A. Pazos (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence, Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference, pp 1029-1035.

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See Also seqemlt (with examples)


## See examples on 'seqemlt' help page

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