Man pages for TrackReconstruction
Reconstruct Animal Tracks from Magnetometer, Accelerometer, Depth and Optional Speed Data

bathymetryBathymetry data for the Eastern Bering Sea
CalcBearingCalculate Bearing
CalcDistanceCalculate Distance Between Two Points
CalcLatitudeCalculate Latitude
CalcLongitudeCalculate Longitude
DeadReckoningCalculates Dead Reckoning
GapFinderFind gaps in your data file
GeoRefGeoreference the Dead Reckoning data
georef1min01GeoReferenced fur seal track
georef1min02GeoReferenced fur seal track
georef1min03GeoReferenced fur seal track
georef1min26GeoReferenced fur seal track
georef1min95GeoReferenced fur seal track
GeoReferenceGeoreference the Dead Reckoning data between two GPS points
gpsdata01GPS raw data
gpsdata02GPS raw data
gpsdata03GPS raw data
gpsdata26GPS raw data
gpsdata95GPS raw data
GPStableFormat GPS data
GraphLimitsDetermine Latitude and Longitude limits of a graph
MapperAnimal track plotting with a color map
rawdataRaw triaxial magnetomater and accelerometer data
rawdatagapRaw biologger data with a gap
SplitterSplits large data files by date and time.
squareRaw triaxial magnetomater and accelerometer data
StandardizeStandardize accelerometer and magnetometer data
TrackReconstruction-packageReconstruct Animal Tracks from Biologger Data.
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