Man pages for VLMC
Variable Length Markov Chains ('VLMC') Models

alpha2int'Single Character' <-> Integer Conversion for Discrete Data
alphabetThe Alphabet in Use
as.dendrogram.vlmcDendrogram Construction from VLMCs
bnrf1BNRF1 Gene DNA sequences: Epstein-Barr and Herpes
deviance.vlmcCompute the Deviance of a Fitted VLMC Object
draw.vlmcDraw a "VLMC" Object (in ASCII) as tree.
id2ctxtVLMC Context ID Conversion
int2charCharacter - Integer Conversion
logLikLog Likelihood of and between VLMC objects
OZrainDaily Rainfall in Melbourne, Australia, 1981-1990
predict.vlmcPrediction of VLMC for (new) Series
prt.vvecRecursively Print the VLMC Result Vector
RCplotResiduals vs Context plot
residuals.vlmcCompute Residuals of a Fitted VLMC Object
simulate.vlmcSimulate a Discrete Time Series from fitted VLMC model
summary.vlmcSummary of Fitted Variable Length Markov Chain (VLMC)
vlmcFit a Variable Length Markov Chain (VLMC)
vlmctreeCompute the tree structure of a "vlmc" object
vlmc.versionVersion of VLMC Package
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