Man pages for WCE
Weighted Cumulative Exposure Models

checkWCEVerify that the arguments passed to the WCE function are in...
coef.WCEObtain estimated coefficients from WCE object
drugdataSample dataset for use with WCE package
HR.WCEObtain a hazard ratio (HR) from a WCE Cox proportional...
knotsWCEObtain the placement of the knots used for splines in WCE...
plot.WCEPlot of the weight function(s) estimated by 'WCE'
summary.WCEMethod to summarize the results of a WCE object
vcov.WCEObtain variance-covariance matrix from WCE models
WCEFit weighted cumulative exposure models
wce-packageWeighted Cumulative Exposure Models
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