Man pages for WhiteStripe
White Matter Normalization for Magnetic Resonance Images using WhiteStripe

download_img_dataDownload T1 and T2 data
get.deriv.smooth.histGets $n^th$ derivative of smoothed histogram
get.first.modeGet First Peak
get.largest.modeGrab largest peak
get.last.modeGet Last Peak
make_img_voiMake Image VOI
s.histSmoothed histogram of image
smooth_histHistogram smoothing for whitestripe
t1.voi.histHistogram of VOI of T1 template image
t2.voi.histHistogram of VOI of T2 template image
whitestripePerforms White Stripe of T1 or T2 Images
whitestripe_hybridHybrid WhiteStripe
whitestripe_ind_to_maskWhiteStripe Indices to Mask
whitestripe_normNormalize Image using white stripe
ws_img_dataReturn Filenames of T1 and T2 data
xvalsMidpoints from VOI histogram
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