Man pages for WpProj
Linear p-Wasserstein Projections

binary_program_method_optionsOptions For Use With the Binary Program Method
combine.distcompareCombine distance calculations from the distCompare function
combine.WPR2A Function to Combine W_p R ^2 Objects
distCompareCompares Optimal Transport Distances Between WpProj and...
HCRun the Hahn-Carvalho Method
L0_method_optionsOptions For Use With the L0 Method
L1_method_optionsOptions For Use With the L1 Method
L1_penalty_optionsRecognized L1 Penalties
plot-combine_distcompare-methodPlot 'combine.distcompare' Objects
plot-distcompare-methodPlot 'distcompare' Objects
plot_ranksPlot the Rankings of the 'combine.distcompare' Objects
plot-WPR2-methodPlot Function for W_p R^2 Objects
rank_distcompareRanks 'distcompare' Objects
ridgePlotRidge Plots for a Range of Coefficients
simulated_annealing_method_optionsOptions For Use With the Simulated Annealing Selection Method
stepwise_method_optionsOptions For Use With the Stepwise Selection Method
transport_optionsAvailable Wasserstein Distance Methods
W1L11-Wasserstein projection
W2IP2-Wasserstein distance selection by Integer Programming
W2L12-Wasserstein distance linear projections with an L_1 penalty
wassersteinCalculate Wasserstein distances
WInfL1Infinity-Wasserstein Linear Projections With an L1 Penalty
WPL0p-Wasserstein projections with an L0 penalty
WPL1p-Wasserstein Linear Projections With an L_1 Penalty
WpProjp-Wasserstein Linear Projections
WpProj-packageWpProj: Linear p-Wasserstein Projections
WPR2W_p R^2 Function to Evaluate Performance
WPSAp-Wasserstein distance projections using simulated annealing
WPSWp-Wasserstein Distance Linear Projections Using a Stepwise...
WPVIp-Wasserstein Variable Importance
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