Man pages for XML
Tools for Parsing and Generating XML Within R and S-Plus

addChildrenAdd child nodes to an XML node
addNodeAdd a node to a tree
addSiblingManipulate sibling XML nodes
append.XMLNodeAdd children to an XML node
AssignXMLNodeAssign sub-nodes to an XML node
asXMLNodeConverts non-XML node objects to XMLTextNode objects
asXMLTreeNodeConvert a regular XML node to one for use in a "flat" tree
catalogResolveLook up an element via the XML catalog mechanism
catalogsManipulate XML catalog contents
coerceTransform between XML representations
compareXMLDocsIndicate differences between two XML documents
docNameAccessors for name of XML document
DoctypeConstructor for DTD reference
Doctype-classClass to describe a reference to an XML DTD
dtdElementGets the definition of an element or entity from a DTD.
dtdElementValidEntryDetermines whether an XML element allows a particular type of...
dtdIsAttributeQuery if a name is a valid attribute of a DTD element.
dtdValidElementDetermines whether an XML tag is valid within another.
ensureNamespaceEnsure that the node has a definition for particular XML...
findXIncludeFind the XInclude node associated with an XML node
freeRelease the specified object and clean up its memory usage
genericSAXHandlersSAX generic callback handler list
getChildrenStringsGet the individual
getEncodingDetermines the encoding for an XML document or node
getHTMLLinksGet links or names of external files in HTML document
getLineNumberDetermine the location - file & line number of an (internal)...
getNodeSetFind matching nodes in an internal XML tree/DOM
getRelativeURLCompute name of URL relative to a base URL
getXIncludesFind the documents that are XInclude'd in an XML document
getXMLErrorsGet XML/HTML document parse errors
isXMLStringFacilities for working with XML strings
length.XMLNodeDetermine the number of children in an XMLNode object.
libxmlVersionQuery the version and available features of the libxml...
makeClassTemplateCreate S4 class definition based on XML node(s)
names.XMLNodeGet the names of an XML nodes children.
newXMLDocCreate internal XML node or document object
newXMLNamespaceAdd a namespace definition to an XML node
parseDTDRead a Document Type Definition (DTD)
parseURIParse a URI string into its elements
parseXMLAndAddParse XML content and add it to a node
printMethods for displaying XML objects
processXIncludePerform the XInclude substitutions
readHTMLListRead data in an HTML list or all lists in a document
readHTMLTableRead data from one or more HTML tables
readKeyValueDBRead an XML property-list style document
readSolrDocRead the data from a Solr document
removeXMLNamespacesRemove namespace definitions from a XML node or document
replaceNodeWithChildrenReplace an XML node with it child nodes
saveXMLOutput internal XML Tree
SAXMethodsGeneric Methods for SAX callbacks
SAXState-classA virtual base class defining methods for SAX parsing
schema-classClasses for working with XML Schema
setXMLNamespaceSet the name space on a node
supportsExpatDetermines which native XML parsers are being used.
toHTMLCreate an HTML representation of the given R object, using...
toStringCreates string representation of XML node
xmlApplyApplies a function to each of the children of an XMLNode
XMLAttributes-classClass '"XMLAttributes"'
xmlAttributeTypeThe type of an XML attribute for element from the DTD
xmlAttrsGet the list of attributes of an XML node.
xmlChildrenGets the sub-nodes within an XMLNode object.
xmlCleanNamespacesRemove redundant namespaces on an XML document
xmlCloneCreate a copy of an internal XML document or node
XMLCodeFile-classSimple classes for identifying an XML document containing R...
xmlContainsEntityChecks if an entity is defined within a DTD.
xmlDOMApplyApply function to nodes in an XML tree/DOM.
xmlElementsByTagNameRetrieve the children of an XML node with a specific tag name
xmlElementSummaryFrequency table of names of elements and attributes in XML...
xmlEventHandlerDefault handlers for the SAX-style event XML parser
xmlEventParseXML Event/Callback element-wise Parser
xmlGetAttrGet the value of an attribute in an XML node
xmlHandlerExample XML Event Parser Handler Functions
xmlHashTreeConstructors for trees stored as flat list of nodes with...
XMLInternalDocumentClass to represent reference to C-level data structure for an...
xmlNameExtraces the tag name of an XMLNode object.
xmlNamespaceRetrieve the namespace value of an XML node.
xmlNamespaceDefinitionsGet definitions of any namespaces defined in this XML node
xmlNodeCreate an XML node
XMLNode-classClasses to describe an XML node object.
xmlOutputXML output streams
xmlParentGet parent node of XMLInternalNode or ancestor nodes
xmlParseDocParse an XML document with options controlling the parser.
xmlParserContextFunctionIdentifies function as expecting an xmlParserContext argument
xmlRootGet the top-level XML node.
xmlSchemaValidateValidate an XML document relative to an XML schema
xmlSearchNsFind a namespace definition object by searching ancestor...
xmlSerializeHookFunctions that help serialize and deserialize XML internal...
xmlSizeThe number of sub-elements within an XML node.
xmlSourceSource the R code, examples, etc. from an XML document
xmlStopParserTerminate an XML parser
xmlStructuredStopCondition/error handler functions for XML parsing
xmlSubsetConvenience accessors for the children of XMLNode objects.
xmlToDataFrameExtract data from a simple XML document
xmlToListConvert an XML node/document to a more R-like list
xmlToS4General mechanism for mapping an XML node to an S4 object
xmlTreeAn internal, updatable DOM object for building XML trees
xmlTreeParseXML Parser
xmlValueExtract or set the contents of a leaf XML node
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