readKeyValueDB: Read an XML property-list style document

readKeyValueDBR Documentation

Read an XML property-list style document


This function and its methods reads an XML document that is in the format of name-value or key-value pairs made up of a plist and dict nodes, each of which is made up key, and value node pairs. These used to be used for property lists on OS X and can represetn arbitrary data relatively conveniently.


readKeyValueDB(doc, ...)



the object containing the data. This can be the name of a file, a parsed XML document or an XML node.


additional parameters for the methods. One can pass dropComments as a logical value to control whether comment nodes are processed or ignored (TRUE).


An R object representing the data read from the XML content. This is typically a named list or vector where the names are the keys and the values are collected into an R "container".


Duncan Temple Lang


Property lists.

See Also

readSolrDoc, xmlToList, xmlToDataFrame, xmlParse


 if(file.exists("/usr/share/hiutil/Stopwords.plist")) {
  o = readKeyValueDB("/usr/share/hiutil/Stopwords.plist")

    javaInfo = readKeyValueDB('/usr/share/java/Tools/Applet')

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